Thursday, July 29, 2004

Waist High Boxes

Apt. 11D is nearly boxed up. Just have my desk and few dirty dishes to go. The movers arrive at 8:00 am to relocate us to Piermont Ave next to the tracks.

Everybody is doing fine, though Ian nearly lost it when he saw his trains sealed tightly in a box. Steve's hernia is under control, but 112 lb. me has to be the muscles around here. I'm feeling very GI Jane.

Well, time to box up the iBook. Thanks to all for coming back to check on things during my absence. I'll be back next week to tell tales of getting interviewed by two major newspapers about blogging (and my incompetance at giving good soundbite), my new neighbors with Nascar flags waving proudly on their front porch (welcome Red America), and more BS that is my blog.

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