Monday, July 12, 2004


Allison's baby is here.

Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Trib is taking over for Eric Zorn this week. She also had an interesting article on how Blogads are paying serious cash to the bigger political bloggers. I'm selling out, baby!

Want to know why there's not a proper post tonight? Because of these two huge time wasters. Thanks to Dan Drezner and Ampersand for rotting my brain.

An exerpt from the Hostess Diaries in the Times:

Other times, we are less subtle about urging customers to leave. On a cold night around Halloween, Monica Lewinsky and a friend are deep in conversation downstairs when Liza approaches them. "Hi, I hate to bother you," she says.

I can see Monica look up and break into a pretty smile — her face is pale, if overly made-up, like someone who has come from a television appearance. She seems to think Liza wants an autograph. But the waitress tells her she might want to leave the restaurant.

The big smile fades. Liza explains: Chelsea Clinton and her boyfriend, Ian Klaus, are upstairs having a drink.

"Oh my God!" Monica says loud enough to hear halfway across the room. "Why won't these people leave me alone?" she whines, and stands straight up.

The woman she is with asks: "What's going on? What happened?"

"Chelsea Clinton is here," Monica says. "We've got to leave through the back." Her friend's eyes widen...

We watch to see that she steps off the property and then dash back in and upstairs to the bar, where we break into laughter and jump around holding each other. I have no idea why we are so excited.

The next morning, The Daily News reports that Chelsea Clinton and Ian Klaus haven't been out together in weeks, and suggests they have broken up.

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