Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Going, Going, Gone

Why am I being so sentimental
about moving? I have left other apartments without a tear. I guess it's
because we passed so many milestones here in our seven years in Apt. 11D.
Two dissertations and two kids happened here. There are pencil lines marking
the kids' growth on the back of door. We won't be able to pack up that into
a box to our new home.

I would like to write more. But truthfully the sh*t is really hitting
the fan here. Steve, who's timing couldn't be better, suddenly got a hernia
that is going to need immediate surgery. Chase bank is not clearly an important
check fast enough. Sensing all the stress, the kids are acting out by suddenly
crying and spazzing out. Both of our work commitments suddenly got a bit
more crazy. There are last minute attempts to sell an old fish tank and
illegal washing machine. There's no time to be sentimental anymore.

I'll be back in two or three weeks with a link to a new blog and a clearer head. See you then. Take care.

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