Sunday, July 25, 2004


I am interrupting my blogging break, because I am unable to contain myself. I have been skimming the blog posts at Convention Bloggers, and I am so juiced up.

I know that for others the participation of bloggers at the convention is all about old media v. new media. Blogs as a battering ram smashing the old decrepit system of print and TV media. Bloggers are exposing old media biases and providing a new, younger style of reporting. And leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

For more, read Patrick Belton and Dan Drezner.

What has gotten me to abandon boxing up my kitchen is the thrill of the bloggers witnessing and participating in this political ritual.

From Kicking Ass:
I hope you'll forgive the boundless enthusiasm of someone who grew up watching political conventions on television and is now finally attending his first one. This really is a dream come true for me, and when I stepped on the floor of the Fleet Center this afternoon and saw the setup, I was honestly giddy.

From Talkleft:
We're here! It's amazing. Beyond amazing. This may be the coolest thing we've done in years. We're running around like a maniac, so here's a brief recap....starting with the plane ride... So, a few minutes after we sat down in our seat, Colorado's Governor Owens boarded and sat a few rows behind us. (Yes, coach for both of us today.) What on earth is he doing attending the Democratic Convention? Well...of course we asked him.

Their joy is contagious. They are participating in politics, and their readers are vicariously sitting in the nosebleed section along with them. These posts reveal not objective, jaded observers, but enthusiastic actors. Makes me wish that I was there.

Blogs themselves might not be democratic, but blogs are good for democracy.

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