Thursday, July 08, 2004

Errata Sheet for My Life

I make errors. All the time in fact.

My latest error is that I didn't sign my five year old boy up for camp this summer. Since we're moving half way through the summer, it didn't make sense to enroll him in a pricey city program for a few weeks, and I missed all the deadlines for programs in our new town. This means I have a bored kid on my hands all day. Unlike his two year old brother, he needs more than trains and get togethers at the playground to keep him occupied. Today, we went to my mom's to let him blow off some energy in the backyard. But after a while, he was so bored with his brother and the oldies, that he began hammering a plastic bat into a defenseless frisbee. This is why revolutions are often triggered by a surplus of bored teenage boys. Energy needs to be channeled. I'm going to have scrounge up some soccer classes for him pronto.

Another error occured today. I've been secretly culling the boys' unwanted toys from their stash in an attempt to lessen our load for the move. I stopped by Good Will on the way to my mom's and left the boxes of broken trains and soiled teddies outside their dropoff door. Jonah saw it.

What are you doing, Mom. Why are you leaving my toys there?
It's for the poor kids who don't have any toys.

Loud wails from the backseat forced me to make a sharp U-turn and put all those boxes back in the trunk of the car. Apparently small children have no feelings of civic duty when their toys are involved. Just thought I would share my mistakes with all the other parents out there.

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