Friday, June 18, 2004

Two Debates

There are a couple of debates raging over here in Apt. 11D.

#1 -- Armed with weapons of their choice, who would kick whose ass -- Robin Hood or Spiderman? Steve says Spiderman. Jonah and I say Robin Hood. Ian says Ball.

#2 -- Formal Diningroom or Book/Play area? Laura says "Nobody is doing formal diningrooms anymore. I don't have or want girly china and figurines. What would I do with a china cabinet? Books. I have a lot of them. I would rather display them. I don't want a fancy room that nobody uses." Mom says, "That's the problem with your generation. Nobody cooks for each other anymore. Now your Aunt Theresa puts together big Italian meals and then invites over all sorts of people for interesting conversation. And our extended family gets together once a month. When your Grandfather was alive, he would prepare a big Italian meal every Sunday. Now everybody just goes to a restaurant or sends out. It's not the same thing."

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