Monday, June 21, 2004

thwip, thwip

On Friday, we debated who would be the victor in a Spiderman v. Robin Hood face-off. Who has the bigger cajones?

Everyone's money was on Spiderman. He's got the radioactive spider juice in his veins enabling his spidey-sense. And he can aim his web for swinging around and grabbing things. All Robin Hood has is a quiver of arrows and good aim. They both wear tights, so the outfit thing is a draw.

Teep wrote in to say that not only are Spiderman's villians way scarier than the Sheriff of Notingham, but Spiderman wouldn't be afraid to throw a sucker punch. Spidey would rock Robin Hood's world. He's more pragmatic. Poor Robin Hood grew up in a world where chivalry ruled and he probably couldn't go toe-to-toe without moral qualms. I think Spidey is somewhat more practical.

Well, I like an underdog, so I'm rooting for Robin Hood. Plus, I think that Robin Hood has a secret weapon. Two words. Merry. Men.

If Robin Hood and the Merry Men had him surrounded, Spiderman's web solution could get all used up. Instead of a satisfying "thwap, thwap," he would press his middle finger to his wrist and get a "thwip, thwip." Spiderman might still win, but he would get a good pounding.

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