Monday, June 14, 2004

Movin' On Up

I got a crash course on moving companies this morning. I spoke with about four or five companies about the cost for moving from a four floor walk-up with three bedrooms in Manhattan to New Jersey. One adjunct course = one move.

Some of these guys charge $125 an hour, but that includes some boxes and transportation. Another guy charges $95, but adds on a buck for every inch of packing tape.

At those prices, I'm sure as hell not letting anybody take any tea breaks.

Another interesting and little known fact -- all moving companies in New York City are operated by Israelis. Moishe's and The Shleppers are two of the biggest.

New immigrants who come to the city are drawn to industry that already employs their buddies and relatives. The Israelis are in moving, the Irish are in construction, the Indians are in the newspaper kiosk business, and the Italians went into sanitation and did hit work for the mob. (Only I can say that.)

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