Wednesday, June 02, 2004

More on Women and Blogging

So, the topic of women and blogging just won't die. Why aren't there more women political bloggers? Why are there so few women among the top blogs? Where are the women blog readers? More from Dan Drezner and Trish Wilson and Ms. Lauren at Feministe. I'm getting a bit tired of it, but I will add a couple more points.

Why aren't there more top women political bloggers? Well, after reading the comments at Dan's blog, I'm very tempted to say that it's because blog readers are misogynists. But I know that can't be true. I do think that women blogs could be linked more often by the guys.

And I don't know about the other women bloggers, but I am a bit hamstrung by my other responsibilities. Today, I addressed 10 invitations to a 5 year old birthday party, attending a class trip to a zoo in New Jersey, took the kids to visit my sister, found a parking spot, and quickly ordered rice and beans from El Malecon. Didn't get to touch the computer until 7:30 today. Whatever.

Part of what really pissing off Trish was that Dan's survey revealed almost no women elite bloggers. Dan's survey only asked media sources for their top three favorite blogs. Maybe if he asked for a longer list, more women would have shown up.

John Hawkins of Right Wing News just did his own poll of elite conservative journalists about their favorite blogs, but didn't limit them to three.

A lot more women bloggers showed up on his list. And remember he interviewed only conservatives. Included on his list was Sheila A-Stray, Sky Watching My World, Joanne Jacobs, Wonkette, Natalie Solent, and even Apt. 11D.

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