Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More on the House

Preparing to move has dominated every scrap of free time this past week. There is always such a big learning curve whenever you have these big life changes. I've been continuing to research movers and learning more about the seamy underside of this industry.

Allison sent me a link to a moving watchdog website that keeps a blacklist of the bad guys. Those that scalp you with hidden costs like moving tape or even worse, hold your furniture captive until you fork over extra cash.

This watchdog group also offers some pointers. Rule #1 -- never hire a mover from NY or FL. Well, I can't do anything about that. Rule #2 -- never, never send in your information to a website that arranges for all the local movers to give you quotes. Every scumbag mover will call you up and offer "too good to be true" prices. Oops, I did that. A mover that had been courting me was on their blacklist. Thanks, Allison.

To distract ourselves from the headache of packing tape and bubble wrap, we've been discussing the organization of our home. What will go where. Who will go where. What will we tear out. What we plan to do in the distant future. When we win lotto.

One of our decisions is causing a surprising amount of second guessing by the folks. Even though we have three bedrooms, we're going to have the two boys share a room for sleeping, and the other room will be a playroom. I hope that sharing a room will make the boys closer. They can talk to each other in the dark before they go to sleep. Also, they will have to compromise more and be more flexible. I kinda think that sharing a room will make them better citizens, less individualistic, and more concerned with the community. Yep, I'm a big commie.

Other decisions are also causing raised eyebrows. Like turning our diningroom into a library. Whatever. More on our other harebrained schemes another time.

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