Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Ladies! Oh, Ladies!

Matt Yglesias asked where are the ladies? Why aren't more women reading the political blogs?

I've already written about why more women don't write the political blogs. I wrote that there is a real testosterone feel to most of the political blogs, that the field was pretty well crowded already, women have less time, and other stuff.

Last week, I skimmed the top hundred blogs listed in the The Truth Laid Bear. And now I have more insights about why women aren't reading the political blogs. Different politics. A vast majority of the top hundred blogs are pro-war. Sorry guys, but there is a real gender difference on the war. While I would not advocate pulling out the troops today, I was never gung-ho about this war. Most women feel the same.

Also, any blog that makes reference to Star Trek or refers to a "captain's log" is going to drive off the women faster than black socks and sneakers.

I think that women would read more political blogs if they were written by women, aimed at women, and with more pictures of Hugh Jackman sprinkled about. (I'm itching to pimp my blog, so that I can add some choice pictures of the Man from Oz.)

Matt speculates that women don't read the political blogs because they aren't interested in politics, and surveys consistently show that women are less informed about politics than men. Is that true? Why is that? It's hard for me to relate. I've always loved politics. But I guess it didn't hurt to have a political scientist dad who made us memorize all the presidents in order and recite speeches about Watergate at cocktail parties.

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