Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Cranky and Confused

It's 93 degrees in the city today. 100 if you include the humidity. All the cement sucks up the heat and cruelly blisters us red heads. We're cranky around here today.

Our upcoming move just can't happen fast enough. Our life is on stand still until July 15th, when we can vacate this microwave oven that is our apartment. We're so looking forward to all the ease and convenience that the suburbs promise.

One thing that I haven't really been thinking about is how much I'll like suburban society. I just haven't cared that much about whether or not I'll be able to fit into the suburban culture, because other issues have taken priority. As a committed city girl for 15 years, what will others think of my black wardrobe and snotty city attitude? I guess the previews for the Stepford Wives have been making me queasy.

Also, my sister told me about that she recently attended a basket party. Apparently, suburban women go to parties where someone gives a presentation about Longaburger baskets and then the girls giggle and buy. I'm baffled. Why would anyone collect such things? Why would you go to a party that wasn't co-ed or involve booze? Ah, many mysteries of suburban life lay ahead.

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