Sunday, June 06, 2004

A Birthday Weekend

Jonah turns five on Tuesday and to celebrate that blessed event, we threw him a kiddie birthday party today complete with party favors and an organized craft and kids tearing about the apartment high on Shrek-colored Mn'Ms.

We spent the whole weekend cleaning up for those two hours of fun. We had to make a cake and have drinks on hand for the grown ups. We mostly left the small beasts to their own devices, though I did organize a craft area where they could paint and glue a brown bag which later become a favor bag.

Six boys were invited, along with their families. So our apartment was packed. Good thing we ordered three large pizzas.

I am tempted to gossip here about the bad parenting of others, but I won't. All I have to say is... set limits, people.

Why do we do things? Go to all that trouble of cleaning and making cakes and allowing chaotic kids to grind chocolate cake into the carpet? I guess it all for that moment when your kid blows out his candles with his best buddies by his side.

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