Sunday, June 13, 2004

Back from the Blog Break

I suddenly knocked off the blog writing last week. I was a little fried. A conference paper is nagging me. I've been writing the beginning and end to the paper, even though the middle isn't even in rough form yet. That is sure to cause some problem down the line.

Mr. Ian, my two year old, is most responsible for tiring me out. We're trying to get him to talk more. He's not talking as much as other two year olds, and even though more serious problems have been ruled out, we're still worried. I've been narrating every minute of the day to reinforce his vocabulary.
Ian eats his cereal. Ian loves cereal. Mommy loves cereal. Jonah loves cereal. Daddy eats cereal. That's kitty. Hear him go meow. See him puke on the carpet. Bad kitty. Mommy is tired of talking. Mommy is losing her mind. Watch Mommy bang her head on the table.
After several days of constant babbling, I couldn't babble on the blog in the evening. Instead, I just curled up with the remote and watched the top Heavy Metal Moments on VH1.

Steve had off on Friday, because the stock market was closed, so we had an unexpected three day weekend which we packed with lots of family excursions around the city.

Took the kids to the Central Park zoo, which is always fantastic. Jonah watched a play about migrating birds curtesy of the parks department. He sat in the front row with the other kids completely absorbed in the corny production. He had a huge grin on his face. When did he become so old?

We had a picnic in the Fort Tryon Park. And Steve and the boys roamed around Van Cortland park in the Bronx. The kids slept well.

I even had some kid-free fun. On Friday night, I ditched the family for Kerioke night at a local bar. Usually Kerioke places are only amusing for those times when the fat guy grabs the mike and sings "Like a Virgin," but when you live in an artsy neighborhood, it is something entirely different. All the frustrated actors come up to show their stuff. A Japanese guy with a pompadour sang several Elvis songs in baritone. I heard a gay version of "Piano Man." And the blond streaked bartender belted out "Black Velvet." I had too many pints and laughed with friends.

I expect that life is going to crank into overdrive in the next couple months. Blog breaks might happen more often. Be patient. At some point, maybe in September, I'm going to upgrade the blog, maybe change the name, and do some different things, like have a virtual book discussion with other bloggers. Stay tuned.

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