Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Tuesday is Reader Mail Day!

I received lots of great mail last week mostly congratulating us on becoming home owners. In fact, I still owe many responses.

Here's a completely different, but honest e-mail from C.

I must say that reading your blog periodically has convinced me of something: having kids is unaffordable, and largely not worth the hassle. I suspected this all along -- just ask the several ex gf's with whom I broke up over this issue -- but reading your accounts has convinced me that I was right. The amount of money involved alone is enough to put me off -- besides, I'd rather have whatever money I make for myself rather than have to shell out for whatever the kid(s) need(s). Is that selfish? Probably, but so what.

That's me. Just one big bloggy prophylactic. I'm going to have write more cute kid stories and balance things out. Don't want to diminish the population anymore.

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