Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I went and got myself ferociously sick. Three days of no sleep will do that to you.

Partially, I'm very excited. We really did luck into a beaut of place. Maybe the railroad tracks at the end of the block scared others away. Hey, in my family, trains are a selling point.

It an old 1910 Arts and Crafts style home - a Four Square. I've been fanticizing about ripping out the carpet and fake wood paneling, and returning it to its former glory.

We never expected to buy a home that we actually liked, because of the high prices tags. Luck and trains were on our side.

Stress has certainly kept me from sleeping, also. As, Dan said, this is a giant hurdle, maybe the biggest, on the way to becoming a grownup. So far, so good. The owner signed the papers. The lawyers should be done on Friday. On Saturday, there will be the inspection.

Why is buying a home so stressful? The house will suck up every cent that we have, plus some from the parents, and every spare cent in the near future. It's difficult to make a budget, since we don't have a good idea of all the expenses of living in the suburbs. We could be eating a lot of mac n' cheese for the first few months. I'm also worried that after the housing bubble bursts, we'll never recoup our expenses. I'm worried that the inspectors will find something leaking, sputtering, or crawling.

And it is going to mean a huge change in life style for us. I've lived in the city for 15 years and grown used to slouching in coffee shops, wading through crowds, and copping attitude with punks. Things will be different. We might sublet our rent controlled apartment for a year or two, just in case the suburban experience goes terribly wrong.

But, I'm sure that moving is the right thing to do. I just have to convince my body of that fact. My lungs and sinuses are having a wide scale rebellion right now.

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