Thursday, May 20, 2004

Read This

Unfair divorce settlements helps explain the growing gender gap. Two economists from Columbia argue that the decline in marriage has tended to make men richer and women poorer, they find that states with rising divorce rates have seen a decline in support for Democrats among men and a marked rise in such support among women. The data also show that women become more likely to vote Democratic after a divorce and less likely after marriage. (via Apartment 401)

Jay explains that suburbs are a better deal than trendy urban neighborhoods.

I guess I've disappointed some readers by bailing out of the city. Mental Multivitamin has no problem with her three kids in Chicago. Well, Chicago ain't New York City. Try finding a space big enough for a minivan in NYC and then parallel park. And there are no apartments with backyards in Manhattan. Perhaps a roof garden, if you're Donald Trump. Try finding an affordable apartment in the Lower East Side.

Just because one lives in a city, it doesn't mean that you're interesting, hip, or progressive. There are just as many racist bores in the city, as there are in the suburbs. [That's me over reacting to a stray comment on another blog. I haven't moved to the suburbs, yet, and I'm already defensive.]

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