Friday, May 21, 2004

Read This

More on raising kids in the city v. suburbs. Claudia speaks in praise of backyards.

Did it shock you that women were participants in the prison abuses in Abu Ghraib? It did Barbara Ehrenreich who thought that women were morally superior to men. She and other feminists of her generation believed that gender equality was the only important fight, because once women assumed positions of power, the world would become a magical place. Now she knows that she was wrong.

What we have learned from Abu Ghraib, once and for all, is that a uterus is not a substitute for a conscience. This doesn't mean gender equality isn't worth fighting for for its own sake. It is. If we believe in democracy, then we believe in a woman's right to do and achieve whatever men can do and achieve, even the bad things. It's just that gender equality cannot, all alone, bring about a just and peaceful world.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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