Friday, May 14, 2004


"The police just have a conspiracy against rocker chicks." And more words of wisdom from Courtney Love.

Prisoner abuse or the Berg beheading. What do people care more about? How is the media covering these events? How do we interpret these events? Really interesting stuff. Good post by Instapundit on how the blogosphere is focusing attention on the Berg beheading. While the main stream media is talking more about the prisoner abuses. Also see John Podhoretz in the Post. Also from the Times.

I wanted to link to the Atlantic monthly article on Tony Blair, but it's not on line. So, instead I'll give you this review of The Call of the Mall by Paco Underhill. I'm reading it now, and loving it. I'll give my own review in the future.

Increasingly, cities are becoming the province of the rich, the childless, or the poor. I love cities. But America hasn't lived there for a long time ... If you really want to observe entire middle-class multigenerational American families, you have to go to the mall."

From the Times, check out the Skyscraper Museum. You can take a virtual tour of the best buildings in lower Manhattan. Click on their web walk.

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