Monday, May 24, 2004

Illness and Inspection

Just a quick update on life around here. Longer post tonight.

We've all been so sick this past week. We've passed around the same sinus infection. Last night was Ian's turn. He cranked up a high fever and rolled around our bed for hours trying to get comfortable. The only one mysteriously immune is Jonah, who is impatient with his forced captivity in the sick ward.

We had the housing inspection on Saturday morning. Glenn, the enthusiastic inspector, walked around with meters and dials cheerfully seeking out mold, rot, and bugs and dispensing hours of advice on sanding floors, maintaining a dry basement, and trimming vines. He chuckled at the bizarre decorating choices of the previous owners. Steve followed him around with a notebook scribbling down every word of wisdom from Glenn. Glenn seemed to like that.

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with the place. Nothing, but the bizarre decorating choices. A heavy sigh of relief.

We're so looking forward to getting into the new place. We don't feel like doing a thing in the apartment. Dusting and vacuuming. Why bother? And all of the inconveniences of life in the city are more stark. We're ready to go.

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