Friday, April 23, 2004

Rules, Policies, Protocol, and All Things Official

- If you riff off one of my posts on your blog and you have a comments section, please let me know, and I'll direct traffic your way. I like the rough and tumble discussion and debate that occur on some blogs. It's democracy. It's good. I don't have a comments section only because I lack the time to maintain it.

- If you send me an e-mail, I might print portions of it on a Tuesday Readers Day. I will never use your last name. If you would rather not be posted, please let me know.

- I try to respond to all e-mail, but rarely can I respond immediately. Don't be cross with me. Time issues again.

Gee. I thought I would have more than that as I started this post. OK, that's it. 3 rules for now. More as they come to me.

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