Monday, April 12, 2004

Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1
I’m not at all convinced that Condi and others knew that four planes with their helpless passengers would be used as incoming missiles on a clear day in September. That they knowingly let those people die. Perhaps intelligence should have been better coordinated and suspicious of doom. But hindsight = 20/20. I’m not sure that anybody could have imagined 9/11. I’m more concerned that after 9/11, changes were quickly implemented and that the response was appropriate.

I am worried that this 9/11 commission will have unintended consequences. In an effort to cover their butts, this administration and future administrations might compromise civil liberties by detaining Arab Americans and reading e-mail in the name of national security. Ironically, Democrats, the champions of civil liberties, might force government to be over zealous in its hunt for terrorists.

Random Thought #2
Janet Jackson did a good Condi on SNL this week.

Random Thought #3
Congress can’t agree on how much money should go for childcare for welfare recipients. In fact, other partisan issues could derail the bill altogether. Right now, welfare mothers have been pushed to work, but without money to cover their childcare costs. A minimum wage job does not cover the costs of childcare. Three kids in full time childcare conservatively cost $15,000. Both parties seem to agree that the current welfare policy is cruel and inhuman, but differ on how much to subsidize childcare programs. What if welfare women were given that childcare money to raise their own kids and then worked a part time job at night and over the weekend? Would mothers and kids be better off?

Random Thought #4
How long have those hotdogs been in the freezer?

Random Thought #5
The only good character on CSI Miami is the maternal mortician who strokes the corpse's hair and whispers, "who killed you, baby?"

Random Thought #6
I should probably stop thrusting carrots sticks on the kids. Eat it! Perhaps I over reacted to that New Yorker article that pointed out that Americans are shorter than Europeans due to our love of Le Big Mac.

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