Thursday, April 01, 2004

It's a journal entry kind of day here at Apt. 11D. No politics or social commentary. I've been fighting off a cold all week, but today the cold got a burst of strength and forced me into an headlock. Bastard.

Sent Jonah off to school today wearing his ragged panda shirt. I've been letting him pick out his own clothes in the morning and he always goes for the ragged panda shirt. I thought that chosing his clothes would encourage him to mix and match colors and patterns. It would be a creative exercise. Unleash his hidden metrosexual. No. It's just the ragged panda shirt every time.

And Ian has entered the delightful stage of repetitive actions. Open and shut the cupboard door. Open and shut. Open and shut. At my mom's, he has to study how the dishwasher shelf sits on the rollers and slides in and out. Then we have to practice the clasp on the high chair a million times. He's impossible to distract. He grins widely after hearing the click of the high chair clasp, and grunts until I undo it for him, so that he can hear that satisfying click once more.

The rain, a sore throat, and the in and out of high chair clasps has me out of sorts today. It's really best to not write too much. A couple of links, and I'm done for the night. Thinking about a post tomorrow on Gen X and politics.


Riffing off of my post on chosing a local public school for my kid, Jay at Moment Linger On ponders the impact of college choices and opportunity. Though he hates to admit it, "perks and pedigree still count for something in this country."

The New York Press had a mildly amusing piece on the 50 most hated New Yorkers. The list includes Sophia Coppola, described as "an art bimbo whose daddy happens to be movie royalty rides in on the tired back of Bill Murray and is proclaimed a new film genius," Joan Rivers, and the Hilton sisters. Jessica Crispin noticed it, too.

I'm not really on board with this football stadium on the Westside idea. I don't even like football. But check out this article by Steve Cuozzo from the Post. Brings up some of the stuff that I've been writing about, like the middle class in the city and the modern city v. the old city.

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