Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Crappy Toys, Part 2

Awhile back, Tim Burke started a good discussion going about Barbie. I followed up by complaining about Hot Wheels Tracks. Now, I've have found a new reason to hate. It's American Girl.

My sister recently brought her girls to the American Girl Place in New York City. Here you can find three floors of all things pink and frilly. You can buy one doll for $99 and then have its hair braided for another twenty. You can take the doll to a theme restaurant where they lay out a little tea for the dolly. They have a theater and warm cinnaman buns waiting. You can buy an outfit to match your dolly or a series of books about each of the dolls assembled by a staff of writers.

It seems like there is more crap (and more costly crap) aimed at girls than at boys.

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