Tuesday, April 06, 2004

boom. Boom. BOOM.

Jonah is home this week for the holidays. Mixed benefits. It means that I no longer have two hours of quiet time, while the baby sleeps. But it also means no crunch to get Jonah ready for the school bus, no lunch to pack, and no one hour long trip to get him home. We lolled around in pajamas until 9:00 this morning.

How do full time working parents deal with a school schedule that does not match a work schedule?

This morning before we ran out to do the chores, a new monster entered Apt. 11D. It was the Big Butt monster. This evil creature sporting an unusually large glutus maximus chases young children into their parent's bedroom where she crushes them with her especially large ass. Kettle drums announce the presence of the approaching doom. boom. Boom. BOOM. Screams of pure terror.

If Big Butt is particularly cranky that day, she pulls out one of her eight tentacles, a la Dr. Octopus, and tickles the flattened young 'un until he cries for mercy. Or gets the hiccups. Whatever comes first.

OK. No real post today. Working on research papers and reading all of works of Arlie Hochschild. Here's a good quote from the The Second Shift:

The influx of women into the economy has not been accompanied by a cultural understanding of marriage and work that would make this transition smooth. The workforce has changed. Women have changed. But most workplaces have remained inflexible in the face of family demands of their workers, and at home, most men have yet to really adapt to the changes in women. This strain between the change in women and the absence of change in much else leads me to speak of a ‘stalled revolution.’

Read this

Gordon Wood discusses the marriages of the founding fathers. Winner of the cool marriage award goes to... drum roll... the Adams. In the last paragraph, he notes that the famous quote by Abagail, "remember the ladies" has been totally taken out of context. She was teasing him. Darn, it was such a good line.

Wood adds, To conceive of Abigail as somehow yearning to be like her husband is not only anachronistic, it is also trivializing and demeaning of her domestic character--as if the male model of political activity were the only standard of worth.

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