Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Advocating For Us

In response to my friend who felt that I was bashing programs for old people --

I wasn't really advocating yanking the plug on life support systems of old people. I do think that we as a society need to care for the oldies. There was a good article in the Times a couple of weeks ago about how beneficial the Meals on Wheels program was for isolated old people. Cut backs on the program means that lonely seniors have almost no contact with the outside world. The program not only provides hot meals, but a visit from a caring individual. Made me think that we should do more to provide communal settings for old people. And the impact that migratory patterns of people to far flung suburbs has on the old.

Much could be done, as you say, by having stronger family connections.

I brought up the prescription drug plan as an exercise. The federal budget is finite. There are only so many programs that we can support. Sure, helping to pay for drugs that reduce collestral build up is a good thing, especially if the old person is financially strapped. But we have to examine all our social policies and prioritize their importance. If a retired person can afford a second home, they can afford to pay for their own Lipitor, so that we can afford to send the next generation to nursery school.

Also, I want to politicize our generation. What needs do we have? What are the political candidates doing to advocate for our needs? It was an exercise.

In times like this, I wish I had comments so that I could have more debate and input from others. I'm not an expert, just thinking it all though.

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