Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Tuesday is Reader Mail Day!!

Last Friday, Melissa and I exchanged e-mails about the Time Magazine article on Stay at Home Moms. Here's how it went:

Melissa: I'm wondering what they all had to say about stay at home dad's. Of our friends out here [in San Francisco] with kids, if they have a parent who stays home, it's split about 50-50 as to whether it's the mom or the dad....

Yeah, they didn't have enough on stay at home dads. They didn't give any facts on the numbers of guys who stay home. They did have a lame sidebar that said that men want more time at home with the kids, too. But it didn't have any data that I could quote. I'm really glad to hear that the guys you know want to stay home, too. Steve would be totally into it. Go men!

Melissa: It just seems to me that so much of this is just an extension of the sexist argument that women have some natural ability to make better parents than men. By excluding information about men, the message that is sent is that stay at home dads are not worthy of mention.

Good point. Agreed.

Rebel Dad agrees, too.

On the city page of the Times on line is a link (Thanks, Andrew) to wonderful pictures and interviews with the characters of the subways, including the ubiquitous Dr. Zizmor and other subway fixtures.

Good thing I watch Access Hollywood, because today I learned that William Hung, who memorably sang "She Bangs, She Bangs" on American Idol has a website where he hawks merchandise and receives marriage proposals.

Wise Words From Jonah

Mom, you know why I want to be grown up?
Why, Jonah?
Because then I can play computer and watch TV all day.

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