Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Theology and Transportation

Dropped off the kids at my mom's today, so I could visit Irv the accountant. After Irv removed a box of Joint EZ from his desk and adjusted his hair piece, he did a good job for us. Thanks, Irv.

As I'm dealing with rush hour traffic on the GW bridge, Jonah starts shooting me rapid fire questions from his car seat in the back.

Mom, am I going to get dead? A long, long time from now.
I don't want to get dead. (slight tremor in his voice.) Don't worry. That won't happen until you're really old.
Like Pop Pop? Older than Pop Pop.
Am I going to get old some day? I don't want to get old. Yeah, me too.
When I get dead, am I going to go to heaven like Great Grandma? Sure.
What does it look like inside heaven? I don't know what it looks like. It's real nice.
How do you get to heaven? By bus or by train? By bus.

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