Wednesday, March 24, 2004

On the Road Again

ROAD TRIP. Took Jonah out of school. Skipped Ian's 10:00 nap. Called for the car and off we went to Connecticut to visit Cousin Jenn. At the last minute. Carrying only an extra diaper or two.

ROAD TRIP. I love playing hookey from school. Even if it's only my kid's 4 year old nursery class. Reminds me of high school when I would forge my mother's signature on a doctor's note and sneak off with nowhere to go.

ROAD TRIP. I love the glamour of hitting the open highways with a beatup jalopy, a pack of smokes, and road pop. Well OK, I've got the jalopy. One time I drove across the country with my friend Robin while reading On the Road out loud. That is until we got to New Mexico when we just stopped talking to each other all together.

ROAD TRIP. Yes, the romance of real long road trips will forever be ruined by the two midgets in the backseat. Thelma and Louise did not have a car seat in the back. You know Brad Pitt would have nothing to do with them if the back seat was cluttered by stale sippy cups. And if the trip is longer than an hour or two, the crew starts getting restless. Still, if I turn the radio real loud and open the window, I can drown out the protests from the back.


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