Friday, March 19, 2004

Friday Fatigue

By the time I get to Friday, I'm pretty fried. Five full days of watching the kids, running to the library, making dinners, blogging briefly in the quick evening, and consoling kids with nightmares at 4:15 am. I've fallen asleep twice while watching the kids today. Here's some good stuff, but am too full of Friday fatigue to comment tonight.

Harry at Crooked Timber and Megan McArdle of Assymetrical Information picked up my review of the Mommy Myth. (Thanks, guys.) Go there and comment.

Interesting post at this woman's work about being a feminist and a home schooler.

Lileks writes about the Adam Gopnik article in the New Yorker about Times Square.

God, I really wanted to write longer posts on this stuff today. Instead, it's probably best to begin Happy Hour here at Apt. 11D. Good weekend, people. Cheers.

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