Sunday, February 22, 2004

The Weekend of a Stroller Pusher

It's Sunday night, and I'm pooped. I have to keep myself awake until the Sex and the City finale.

The last few days have been very busy. More failed house hunting on Saturday. Saw a house with no backyard, because the in-ground pool took up every inch of space. You opened the screen door and stepped into the deep end. Saw another house with no second floor, just rafters and insulation. It is also had a toilet in one of the closets. And we still couldn't afford those places.

In the evening, we put aside the depressing afternoon and went downtown for a birthday party for our friend, James. James is HIV+, so he takes his birthdays very seriously. He rented out the top floor of a hip bar in the West Village and invited 150 people to celebrate his 30th year. Steve and I got dressed up in black. I pulled out my big gold earrings and heels.

We quickly met up with our old friends and hoarded the few chairs by the bar. Cynthia told us about auditioning for TV pilots in LA and stocked up on mozzarella sticks from the appetizer table. Toni introduced us to her friend, Julie, who is Sarah Jessica Parker's dentist. And we just joked around for a while.

Met some new people, too, including a really sweet guy who is a producer for Spike TV, the new station for men. He's working a show where every week a guy is confronted by his old girlfriends who tell him how he was in bed. Sounds like a winner. Steve laughed at me for being flattered, because our new friend asked for our phone number and said, "you guys don't seem like the other stroller pushers."

We were just getting into the social groove, when we had to leave to relieve the baby-sitter. Only the stroller pushers leave a party at 11:30.

Between the commute home and debriefing the baby-sitter's husband on his dissertation, we didn't get to sleep until 1:00. A few short hours later, two kids were in our bed demanding Kix and Cheerios. Go away. Go away.

We took the kids to the playground today. Ian pushed around his play stroller like it was a lawnmower. Jonah ran around with the big boys and learned how to play "freeze tag." I chatted with one of the dads. As the weather gets nicer, I'll be at the playground all day. I can't wait.

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