Friday, February 06, 2004

A Hard Rain is Going To Fall

We need four days of rain to wash all the dirt off the streets. I've stopped letting Ian walk down the street on his own. Everytime he falls, and he falls a lot, he comes up with blackened knees and hands. The snow by the side of the road is no longer that light white fluffy stuff that came down from the sky last week. It's not even really snow. It's more like crystalized filth, all crunchy and black, with cigarette butts and candy wrappers suspended inside.

Yes, I'm dreaming of a deluge of biblical proportions that will melt the crystalized filth, and carry the cigarrette butts and candy wrappers and smeared dog poop and spilled coffee down the sewers to the sea where it will offend the ocean life.

There has been some great blog-talk about the good old days when kids walked to school. My kid walks home everyday at 11:30 from his pre-school. It's a long walk. 1 -1/2 hours back and forth. The long walk is good for uninterrupted chatting time with the boy and spontaneous picnics, but those walks have no redeeming value in this weather. I've been taking a lot of taxi cabs to pick up the boy.

And then there's that disturbing story of the 11 year girl abducted and killed while taking a short cut on her walk home from school.

What I want is a driving rain to wash the streets clean.

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