Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Belated Tuesday Mail Day!!

Quite often readers send me suggestions for books and articles to bolster or dispute my arguments. It's all good. Rebecca has some good reading related to surviving graduate school and dealing with advisors:

There is a book, designed for women scientists & engineers that does have lots of advice that carries over to 1)non-scientists 2) everyone else, including those pesky males. I started giving it to foreign grad students ("everywhere it says woman, cross it out and write Indian"). Then I said, screw that, and have pushed it on any grad student who will stand still long enough to read it.

The book is: The Woman's Guide to Navigating the Ph.D. in Engineering & Science. Also, there is a long standing, underground article called "Cynical Advice" for graduate students (biology).

In response to my post on cooking styles and women, Carla told me to check out Perfection Salad by Laura Shapiro.

Toni urges me to expand my definition of hobbies.

i don't think i entirely agree with your assessment of hobbies. for example, i think blogging is a hobby! while you might use blogging as a medium for brainstorming and writing, you probably wouldn't be doing it if you didn't enjoy it. i think hobbies can be loosely defined; reading; going to the gym; seeing films....i think these activities count as hobbies in nyc. people in the rest of the country don't see half as many films as nyer's nor are they as obsessed with what's on the best sellers list. while there may be a decline in craft books, knitting is on the increase from my informal observation. there are so many young women who are knitting on the trains or while they wait for their kid to finish gymnastics. i think there is a big difference between urban and suburban hobbies: without space, urban hobbies tend to occur outside the apartment and tend not to rely upon collecting things....book clubs, cooking clubs, the road runners, junior league, etc.

I'm not sure if passive activities such as reading or viewing movies constitutes a hobby, but maybe hobbies are evolving. If the definition is expanded to include war simulation computer games, then hobbies are alive and well on my husband's PC.

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Russell Arben Fox is hitting it out of the ballpark lately. Please read his latest post on raising slacker kids, the need for sidewalks, and education angst.

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