Thursday, February 12, 2004

Back on Monday

I received many great e-mails from people telling me how they split up the housework. Some good ones came in too late to make it to the blog. It seems like there are an infinite number of arrangements; some are more equitable than others. It would be interesting for someone (definitely not me) to set up a blog with a comment section for people to vent on these everyday matters. A historical record of ordinary lives in 2000s.

Harry at Crooked Timber has picked up my careless comments about housework and husbands and added his own points. Go there to discuss your ideas. (Thanks, Harry.)

I am a bit fried at the moment. It was a long week with illness, work, and e-mails. I'm too tired to write more on this topic today. Survivor is on in ten minutes.

Actually, I'm gone until Monday. My in-laws arrive on Saturday, so tomorrow I'll be doing 90% of the housecleaning. Take care.

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