Sunday, January 11, 2004

Weekend This and That

On Saturday night, I got a Get Out of Jail Free card and headed downtown to meet my friend Toni. After an entire week inside apt. 11D interrupted only by quick visits from my mom and anxious calls to the doctor, I really needed to get out.

I was quite jittery about leaving the baby at first. I called Steve as soon I got out of the subway to make sure that the kids were retaining fluids properly.

When Jonah turned six months old, we congratulated ourselves on not killing him. But later, we got cocky. The kids seemed to thrive even if I didn't compulsively count vegetable intake. After last week's debacle, my confidence is shaky again. Who decided that it was okay for me to have two kids, when I have such a spotty record with house plants?

A couple swigs of beer with Toni at the Heartland Brewery helped to chase away my parenting woes.

We planned to see Lost in Translation, the Sophia Coppola/Bill Murray movie that has gotten good reviews, but it was sold out. We had to see whatever was open at the soonest time. It was too butt cold to shop around at different theaters or to think up a plan B.

So, we saw Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaten, a feel good movie for the post menopausal. The movie doesn't have much going for it, except the treat of a close up of Jack's ass and the yuckiness of Diane Keaten making out with Keanu Reeves. Still, it was fun to go out.

Today, the coldness kept up us inside, so I made lentil soup using a recipe from The Moosewood Cookbook, the vegetarian bible. I like that cookbook a lot, though I've found that all their recipes are made better by a big ham bone. The ham bone sure picked up the lentil soup.

And tomorrow a new week begins. Much to look forward to. My new computer arrives. The babysitter returns, which buys me some time to work. A new episode of Sex and the City. And healthy kids.

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