Friday, January 16, 2004

Sex in the Stacks

Thanks to Crescat Sententia for reminding me about the popular myth about the University of Chicago's main library, the Regenstein. In the bowels of the library are miles of books that are rarely seen. You have to turn the lights on yourself when you enter those rooms. Students whisper about coming across couples taking a study break among the dusty tomes. BTW, Mr. Regenstein made his millions by inventing the window envelope.

I never witnessed or participated in those acts of scholarly love while I was a student, but I did make sure to keep my shoes on.

At that time, there was a pervert with a shoe fetish sneaking up on sleeping students who had kicked off their shoes while resting in the comfy airchairs by the windows. My uncle, who was chief of security for the campus, was hot on his trail. During our weekly lunchs, he would give me an update telling me to watch my shoes at all times. He never did locate the shoe thief, but did find a garbage bag of clogs and loafers in the dumpster.

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