Monday, January 05, 2004

Read This

My baby is sick today. Squirting out albino poops out the side of his diaper. I'm off to the doctor's soon, but here are some good things to check out. A number of them have to do with poop since we're knee deep in the stuff right now.

Russell Arben Fox writes about the mixture of resentment and contentment that goes along with turning 35 with a big family and without tenure.

At Crescat Sententia, Will Baude writes why car travel beats the subway. It seems to me that car travel promotes a different sort of equality-- not the rubbing together of people from different walks of life, but the rubbing together of different places... This isn't necessarily superior to the other way around, but it makes going new places, running errands, and visiting obscure friends or finds a much more regular part of life. On the subway side, let me quickly add a few subway benefits: 1. Never have to drive home drunk, 2. You can read an entire New Yorker on the way to work 3. No car seats.

I'm increasingly stressed about the baby's fever, so I've been adding comments all over the place to keep myself distracted. I've enjoyed the discussion at the Invisible Adjunct on sending Britney Spears to college and student/faculty daliances.

Anne Lamott at Salon wrote a funny column, Advice to a Pregnant Friend. And yes, much to do about poop.

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