Friday, January 23, 2004

It's All So Rich

(I'm trying to write a quick post while I have a chance. The baby is sleeping. And Jonah is building train tracks on the floor next to me. But Jonah keeps interrupting me with long stories about the tracks he's building. None of his sentences seem to have any periods. And then Thomas comes around the bend and runs into Henry and there's a terrible explojun and then a big wind comes and it's like the three little pigs and the men come to do the construction and that is where they stay to check on things.... I'm nodding and typing at the same time, but it's not very easy.)

It seems like everyone is watching that god-awful Trump reality show. Even me. Well, I'm not watching it closely, but I do pause on that show for awhile as I'm surfing around. The premise of the show is 20 or so people compete to be Donald Trump's next toady.

I just can't imagine who would want such a position. I would rather starve on an island for a month to win a million dollars or make out with an asshole to win his heart for a million. The prize on this show -- taking crap from a guy with a nasty comb over -- does not sound at all fun.

The show is worth a brief look to watch the contestants grovel (literally) before Trump and to witness the tasteless decor of Trump's home. He welcomes the contestants to his gold plated home with a flourish. The camera does a close up of a faux Renaissance vase. He said, "This home has been visited by kings and presidents. And now you're here." One contestant replies, "it's all so rich."

I welcome more shows like this on TV. Give us more Hilton sisters. More Hilfiger heiresses. I think it is good to demystify the rich. All the money in the world does not make you interesting.

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