Monday, January 12, 2004


I was quite disturbed to learn from the Invisible Adjunct today that recruiters are looking up applicants on google to get dirt usually omitted from a resume.

What kind of stuff do they dig up? Attendance at science fiction conventions? List serve threads on cross dressing? A series of unpaid parking tickets from the Department of Motor Vehicles?

Of course, I was curious what my name would turn up, so I googled myself this morning. Nothing interesting. A couple of boring academic articles. Also, some old track race times. I guess some guy out in New Jersey is obsessed with the stats of high school girls cross country runners from the 1980s.

Since my life is so boring, I googled David Sedaris. I'm reading his book, Me Talk Pretty One Day. I found a lot of unofficial fan sites that post pictures of him and links to his brother's floor sanding business.

One fun part of doing this blog is that I can see what search terms people use to get to my blog. Apparently, a lot of people come to my blog by typing in Emeril Sucks. Another popular search term is Kowasaki Disease. I think a really entrepreneurial blogger could put together a disfiguring disease site or something about the top ten hated chefs of the food network.

What did I learn from this brilliant use of 30 minutes? A lot of people have an excess amount of time on their hands. Some people have borderline personality disorders. I really need to find some gainful employment.

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