Monday, January 12, 2004

Gay Parents

A Times article examines an emerging population of gay men who are not only raising children but are also committed to the idea that one parent should leave the workplace to do it.

Some say that gay parents have less hang ups about quitting work.

Sociologists, gender researchers and gay parents themselves say that because gay men are liberated from the cultural expectations and pressures that women face to balance work and family life, they may approach raising children with a greater sense of freedom and choice.

Others say that gay stay at home parents have similar issues as moms.

Though many gay fathers may enter into domesticity with few conflicts or reservations, the pressures of starting a new life stripped of professional status can mirror those faced by nonworking mothers. The transition may be even rockier, given that male identity is largely defined by achievements outside the confines of nurseries, mud rooms and kitchens.

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