Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Tuesday is Reader Mail Day!

On December 4th, Queer Eye was filmed around the corner. I looked all over for Carson to tell him to stop putting straight guys in white denim. I missed him, but several friends had Carson sightings. Damn.

I received an amusing note from a Southern gentleman, who gave me his views on white denim and fashion.

When the gods would make an ass,
If they make him middle-class,
Give him little cares and woes,
And let his wife pick out his clothes.

I love white denim, especially in summer. It goes so well with my canary-yellow sport coat. A grouchy (male) colleague once called me the good-humor man. I like cheerful colors. To complement my outfit, I put on a big grin. Why not, I mean I wear it in summer. Why must guys always go around drab? The opposite sex runs around in immobilizing high heels, skimpy now-you-see-it-now-you-don't dresses, thongs, etc., and worships depressing, famine-victim models (aka 'the walking sticks'). So grim. Guys prefer cheerful garb. BTW, I am not a homosexual. I am The Happy Bachelor

Hey, Happy Bachelor. See you go and make me smile, and I put you right into the blog. That's how it works around here.

HB might provide one important exception to the white denim rule. Guys can be more colorful, even eccentric, down South. Brings to mind Faulker, mint juleps, and straw fedoras. But in NYC, everyone (men and women) applies a black base coat and then adds colorful accessories. Otherwise, a cab hits a muddy puddle, and you're a mess. But HB paints an interesting picture of white denim in an appropriate setting. What do you think, ladies?

Melissa adds,

This past summer I went to a wedding where there was not one but TWO seersucker suits in attendance and boy did they look spiffy. complete with bow tie and suede bucks.

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