Thursday, December 11, 2003

'Tis the Season

Is it the 11th already? Shit. I have a lot to do.

80-100 Christmas cards with little notes and glossy pictures. Presents for 4 parents, 2 kids, 1 spouse, and 10 cousins. 8 boring papers to grade. 5 golden rings. 3 days until the the box for Cleveland really should go out. 2 Christmas bonuses for the babysitter and super. 1 filthy bathroom.

On Tuesday, I had a long list of shopping chores. Not only the first round of Christmas shopping, but all inventory had to be replenished -- toilet paper, soap, wipes. We go through those supplies so quickly now. It's worth going to Target in New Jersey to get those things. (The local stores in the city charge twice as much. Even a gallon of milk costs 50 cents extra in the city.)

I decided to take the kids and the babysitter along to the shopping center. Why? Because I'm an idiot.

I felt sorry for the kids being stuck inside all afternoon instead of getting a fun trip to the store. I could do my chores and the babysitter could help with the kids. Dumb. Shopping with kids sucks. I ended up cleaning up the 4 year old in the Barnes and Noble bathroom after an accident of a more serious nature. And not getting half the chores done. And not getting a half hour break with a cup of coffee in the bookstore cafe. And feeling too weird to delegate those distasteful chores to the babysitter, I let her walk around the store by herself and shop.

How the holidays effect the politics between parents... The home parents in the neighborhood are grumbling, as their working spouses stay late for office holiday parties. But it's work, dear. Well, where's my party? When can I come home all loaded and full of fancy food? Making jokes with adults on a night on the town with an expense report. So you can put the kids to sleep on your own.

As you can tell, I'm full of the holiday cheer.

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