Sunday, December 14, 2003

Man in a Hole

Too crappy to venture forth from Apt 11D, we spent the day wrapping presents, cleaning the bathroom, and watching CNN cover the old man in the hole.

The pictures of Saddam with his graying patchy hair and the open cuts on his head are shocking. He looks more dishelved than the homeless man on 187th Street. And less coherent. They found in him a rat filled hole within view of one of his old palaces.

Maybe they should have left him there. I can't think of a more fitting punishment for this man who killed and tortured thousands. Let him sit in a hole friendless and frightened. Watch his hideout with sharpshooters who would pick off any idiot who tried to help him. Let him sit in the hole for years as rats bite his feet plagued by hate and doubt. Isolated and forgotten.

Now that he has been captured and cared for by US doctors, he has the world's ear again. A martyr for some. And smoking his cigars again with four square meals sleeping on a soft mattress. Yes, he'll face a jury, be forced to be accountable for killing the Kurds and others, and surely be imprisoned forever. But that might be getting off too easy.

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