Monday, December 01, 2003

Links Without Comments

I'm completely whooped today. Large Baby has been protesting sleep. We were up for a couple hours last night trying to persuade him that sleep is a very good thing. Right now he happily trashing his bedroom rather than taking a nap. Uggh. I would take his nap for him, if he would take a shower, organized my bookbag for tonight's class, do the dishes, and clean up for the babysitter.

All sorts of posts on the blogosphere about women, kids, and work. I'm too tired to comment on them right now, but let me give you the links:

Amanda Butler at Crescat Sententia does the math and realizes how old she'll be when she finishes law school and clerking. Since she has witnessed the effects of nannies, she doesn't want her kids raised that way. But she doesn't want to do all the child rearing and would like a 50/50 split.

Crooked Timber is continuing their discussion on this topic. Harry Brighouse puts forward three goals: "having men and women equal participants in child rearing; ensuring equality of opportunity for women; and encouraging parents to stay at home with pre-school children?" And then proposes some very utopian goals to get towards those ends. I've added some comments there, but I'll expand later.

The Invisible Adjunct has another post on academics and toddlers.

Also, Amy sent me a link to a Spectator article by a man complaining about lazy women chucking their jobs and staying home. Amy writes, "It's a quick read, and an interesting picture of another country and culture. The statistics he cites about how few married British women work are really interesting, although I don't know how accurate they are."

More after much, much coffee.

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