Sunday, December 07, 2003

Let It Snow

We got socked with a foot of snow this weekend. The roads were unplowed all Saturday, and we were too scared to take the car out to the Jersey malls for the first round of Christmas shopping. It was also pretty windy and cold. Too much for the kids. So we hunkered down on Saturday. Had a few friends over who built trains with the kids. On Sunday, we went up to the snooty mall in Westchester to buy over priced oven mitts at William Sonoma and puzzles at FAO Schwartz.

Yes, it's a winter wonderland in NYC just in time for the holidays. It's that time of year when the lights go up on fire escapes. Store windows are gussied up with fat Santas.

And when dog walkers think that they don't have to pick up dog poops. Hell-o people, just because your dog's warm poop sinks to the bottom of a pile of snow, it doesn't magically disappear. Just because it is quickly covered with a light layer of white flakes, it hasn't gone away. Yes, we'll be sure to see it again with the first thaw, when we'll be ankle deep in poop mud.

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