Monday, December 15, 2003

Laughing and Snorting

(I don't have to prepare a lecture for tonight's class. I have finally caught on to the two most beautiful words in the English language... student presentations. That means one more procrastinating post.)

Last night, I was laughing and snorting so loudly at David Sedaris's, Holidays On Ice, that I woke up my husband.

In David's first story, The Santaland Diaries, he relates his experience working as a 33 year old elf in Santaland at Macy's. We took Jonah there a couple of years ago, and he ran out screaming. Scary Santa.

Here's an exerpt from the Santaland Diaries:

I was at the Magic Window for fifteen minutes before a man approached me and said, "You look so fucking stupid."
I have to admit he had a point. But still, I wanted to say that at least I get paid to look stupid, that he gives it away for free. But I can't say things like that because I'm supposed to be merry.
So instead I said, "Thank you!"
"Thank you!" as I had misunderstood and thought he had said, "You look terrific."
"Thank you!"
He was a brawny wise guy wearing a vinyl jacket and carrying a bag from Radio Shack. I should have said, real loud, "Sorry man, I don't date other guys."

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