Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Good Questions

So many topics, so little time. The recent posts and comments at Crooked Timber and the Invisible Adjunct have brought up a pile of interesting questions:
- Do parents have a right to work and raise kids?
- What role do/should dads play in child rearing?
- Is it reasonable to expect a career and a family?
- What is more fulfilling: work or raising kids?
- Would a 50/50 split of child rearing between parents be the best way to go?
- What reforms can be instituted to bring about greater changes?
- Can we assume that home care is better than child care?
- What sacrifices have to be assumed by the childless so that parents can work part time?
- What policies should universities and the private sector employ to keep parents working?
- Does being a parent make you a better professor?

And the today's post by myself and Harry at Crooked Timber on the need to have children opened up a whole new can of sticky questions:
- Are parents driven to have children by an innate need rather than making a conscious choice?
- Does this biological imperative justify sacrifices by the childless?
- Do arguments for a larger social good for having children justify sacrifices by the childless?
- Are parents owed anything?
- What are political implications for arguing that people need to have kids?

Clearly, I can't answer all these questions. But I might nibble away at a few of them over time in this blog and elsewhere.

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