Thursday, December 04, 2003

Eying Queer Eye

They're filming Queer Eye for the Straight Guy around the corner. We often get Law and Order filming in the neighborhood, but this is the first time for Queer Eye.

Steve gets pissed off when film crews take over the neighborhood and take up all the parking spots. The young film lackeys yell when you walk down the sidewalk and tell you to be quiet. "Hey, I live here", he says. "How dare you tell me what to do in my neighborhood." But he's still scarred from the time he lived with an aspiring writer/director/producer who took over their apartment for months filming his movie about the killer bride.

When I see the train of film trailers, I always like to inspect things. I check out the food tent to see what their eating. And hang out looking glamorous waiting to be discovered.

After I pick up Jonah from school, I going to check out the Fab Five. I have to talk to them about the good work they're doing, but they really have to stop putting straight guys in white denim.

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