Friday, November 14, 2003

Things to Read

The unpopular kid in the playground. Allison Kaplan Sommers writes how Israel might react to anti-Semitism in Europe. I worry that it's a vicious circle. As more people tell you that you are not nice, the less nice you get. Just like the unpopular kid in high school, you say, "Screw it, screw even trying to behave, because no matter WHAT I do, nobody's going to like me or support me, so what the hell..."

Two posts on the power that students have over faculty. Erin O'Connor writes about faculty on guard against accusations by students of insensitive speech. The Invisible Adjunct questions the validity and use of student evaluations.

Hysterical posts on the Wiggles. Being Daddy reports that the band has split due to "both personal and artistic differences." Also, Wiggles blamed for a rash of pregnant moms.

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