Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Spam Spam Spam Spam Eggs Spam

Sad because you can't earn enough money to pay for childcare? Well turn that frown upside down, because I've been getting all sorts of helpful e-mails about how I can earn serious cash in the comfort of my own home. I can stuff envelopes!

Yes, I've been receiving several e-mails a day since my first son was born telling me how I can be a part of the fast-paced envelope stuffing industry. (Thanks to the parenting magazine that shared my e-mail address with others.) Today's e-mail, "We Need Homemakers," was written by my new friend, Linda Applebee. Linda tells me that I need to buy her book on stuffing envelopes, because I guess it can get kinda tricky. Paper cuts and all.

Linda writes,
Hi. I'm Linda Applebee. I've been doing this kind of work for
over ten years- it's not very complicated. Mainly I insert sales literature
into envelopes, seal them, and mail them. It's called "stuffing envelopes"
for short. It's a wonderful way to make money. I really enjoy it.

My book is named "Secrets of Stuffing Envelopes." In it I show you the
secrets I use to earn up to $938 a week working part time as an independent
contractor. That means I get to do things my way. I work at home when I want
and at my own speed. I use whatever methods or shortcuts I like. Companies
pay me based on what I produce, and they do not take any deductions from
my checks.

( ) Yes, I want to learn how to get paid like you as an independent
contractor. Enclosed is $29.95 plus $3.00 for processing ($32.95 total)
for "Secrets of Stuffing Envelopes" with the Easy Home Paycheck
System and bonus listings.* I am protected by your genuine
no-nonsense money-back guarantee.

Who said that there were no great job opportunities for mothers?

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